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    Default Dashboard Notifications could be more useful if....

    I got on one of our client UTMs today to find Notifications about two system disk events a couple of days ago.

    Issue: Externalizing notifications. I went looking for Alert(s) based on the system finding these issues and found none in our ticket manager or the Control Center. AFAIK the current software design requires logon into the local administrative interface to find what may be important hardware problems. It's great that the UTM is looking at the logs, but not good that it does not share what it finds.
    Suggestion: Integrate "Notifications" with the Alerting system, making the various possible items selectable for Alert subsystem notifications.

    Issue: Documentation. At least one place in the Wiki these dashboard-embedded "Notifications" are called "Administrative Alerts". We are not supposed to confuse those with "Alert Events" next to "Notifications" in the dashboard.
    (Search for the article with 216354247-What-are-the-Administrative-Alerts-on-my-Untangle-NGFW-telling-me- )
    Suggestion: Modify the Wiki documentation to match the product UI. Consider renaming "Notifications" to "System Notifications".

    Issue: Bug. The Notifications window shows me two events, back to back, two days ago. Since they were kernel events, I dug around in the utm log, ran modified query command lines on the kern.log, and found that there were four events on Sunday. Worse, there was another one this morning, not reported in the Notifications pane.
    Suggestion: Re-work the underlying logic of the Notifications log query process so that it guarantees finding multiple occurences of the same event, and favors the latest instance. In my imagination the best implementation would be a list of short hyperlink descriptions with a date and a count for that date. The hyperlink would open to the full description so that end users would not have to dig around in logs. (My imagination also includes infinite very well-paid hours for developers.)

    Thanks for all the great software, integrations and UI!
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    Hi, and welcome to the forums! Thanks for the big write-up, too -- there's some good stuff in there. We've shared your thread with our Product team, but in the meantime you can always post any feature requests/suggestions (or check to see if anyone else already has) on our feature request site:

    Thanks again for the ideas/checking us out!

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    We have several built in Notifications to Command Center that are quite useful. By default they are disabled so you need to enable them. Details are in this KB article

    Also, you can create new alerts based on ones you've received
    I hope this helps!

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