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    Question jira

    Quote Originally Posted by jcoffin View Post
    Feel free to document this in Jira ( Jira tickets are more likely to get into the product.
    Is their any training/documentation for this tool?

    I don't attempt this for two reasons
    1. I don't know it works.
    2. I don't feel familiar enough with the internal lingo

    The User interface is completely different between being logged into it or not. I can't get back to the NGFW issues once I do log in. I don't even know why I have the login account.

    I have found it better to rely on staff to do the translation into the UT terminology, and how to categorize things. The last thing I want to do is make a mess of the db.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jim.Alles View Post
    I don't even know why I have the login account.
    If I remember correctly, in the old days you needed an account to see anything.
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