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    Default sharing info to distributors

    I did read your terms of service, it does state you share info about its users to 3rd parties who you claim speak on your behalf, but one of them is spamming my inbox with the same "can i help you"
    the emails were automatically flagged as junk spam, i fished it out and replied "how did you get my details?", no reply, now i'm getting a steady stream of the same email over and over, its now blocked

    just wanted to report here is the offender.

    ps. Webroot is the most useless end user security product in the world, i consider it lower than microsofts windows defender.
    want proof,

    it lets everything pass

    if i was you, i'd dump these 2 alliances you've made.

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    Well, I can't really speak to the Webroot stuff as I've never experienced that, but as far as the spamming goes...that sucks. I've passed this on to the higher-ups in our Sales team that deal with our distributors, and they'll be reaching out to those folks. Sorry you're getting bombarded. We'll see what we can do.

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