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    Default .json Export files - how to read them?

    I've done some searching and will continue. Still, a question like this should be pretty easy to find an answer for.

    What's a person supposed to do with these exported .json files?

    I decided it would be easier to export my list of port forwards than re-typing them one at a time. I managed to import it into Excel, but I can't read it.

    Every other product I see out there exports to .csv. Why choose such an odd esoteric format - what good is that to your users?

    If anyone has found anything inthe wiki that explains how to make these exports of any value, could you please provide a link?

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    I like json-pretty-print-buffer in Emacs for readability.

    I normally use the file to import right back into another instance of NGFW. I have some common 'best practices' that I have developed.
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