I work with information security, and on times like these i am working homeoffice just like probably most if not all IT employees.

Because of what i work with and the sensitivity of the data i work with aligned with the will to learn and configure a firewall myself i built a desktop with a gigabit network card with 4 ports to give it a try, it cost me converting the currency +- 130$.

During a day i tested many firewall solutions, but because of some problems and some not working properly i choose entangle at the end.

The only issue i had on entangle at first glance was it looked expensive and i really wanted the web Filter and bandwidth control.

BUT i was wrong, by some reason at first glance i though the home license was 50$/month, when it actually is 50$/Year! For me that is a more than fair and great price!

So here i am, with a more than secure network, i configured and segregated all interfaces and devices with the minimum privilege possible, learned a lot more about firewalls on this small journey and really enjoyed the product! i found it easy and intuitive to use and configure, the performance seems great and the features awesome.

Thanks for the product and for a affordable plan. Initiatives like this one help making our lives, our jobs and the internet more secure (i dare to say, just like letsencrypt.org)!

I feel happy supporting this project and product.