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    Default Reporting measurements

    Hi there, first off, I just want to say that I'm so impressed with the product and a big cheers to all those involved!

    Right - on to business.

    In the Untangle Reports, it would be nice if the data transfer rates could be measured in bits per second (maybe an option to display bits or bytes in the reporting control panel?). As network connections and gear all tend to be measured in bits per second it would make life easier when showing these graphs to the management at my company... They have trouble multiplying by eight.. ;o)

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    I'll second that.

    I think more report options would be great too.

    A small list of what would be great (at least in my book):

    - Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, Yearly report options. I'm only concerned about summary on the longer periods (monthly and up), but it would be nice to have those options.
    - Option to run a report manually for a specified period of time. For example, say I need a report for Monday through Wednesday of two weeks ago (don't ask why I would need it, I just know I get strange requests from management).
    - Narrow down the reporting, and also have the ability to generate multiple reports. For example, management may only care about spam and web filter reports, where-as I may care about everything at the grunt level.
    - In another post, the weekly reports graph gets kind of confusing. I know that in the case of management, they'd rather see it per day, rather than the sum of the week over a 24 hour graph.

    Just a few quick thoughts off the top of my head. I think reporting is the biggest thing that needs work in UT, as it just seems to need more options. (Note, it's not stopping me from using it, but it may turn off potential clients who like their reports highly customized.)

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