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Thread: PowerPC Port?

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    Default PowerPC Port?

    Yeah, yeah...I know, I know.

    But I have a few old G3 Macs gathering dust and was thinking about using a PPC Mac Linux distro to setup a firewall for my home network.

    Now before everyone goes trashing Macintosh, let me remind you all that PPC processors are used in Cisco routers. That's right: CISCO. Nuff said.

    Well, anyhow I discovered Untangled and thought that it would be way cool to use the distro to make my boat-anchor Mac into a useful piece of equipment again. support for PPC. Does this surprise me? Not in the least. But it would be way cool if someone tweaked it to make olde PPC Macs into great gateways.

    Just a thought.

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    PPC is a very nice platform... just not supported all that much anymore. And, given the downsizing I'm seeing at the local Motorolla operations... not a very successful platform. Technically speaking the UVM runs in JAVA... so in theory if you could get Ubuntu to run on it the UVM will just come along for the ride.
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