I updated via the auto-update feature to the latest and greatest untangle build. I fell prey to the issue of not reading and buggering up the update procedure by prematurely rebooting. I rebuilt the untangle box from scratch on the newest iso download available.

I noticed that there is something funky with java where it s not accepting mouse input. I have re-instaled java 1.6 from the offline link presented on the untangle server login page, as well as clearing all cache on the client machine. I checked for updates to firefox, i'm told it's up to date.

I attempt from another client and another... same thing. The broswer pop-up asking if i will allow software interaction with the untangle server... i can't check "always trust this provider".

Once the rack is loaded, I can't click on settings or anything. from any client. all clients are windows xp with firefox 3.0