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    I agree.

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    If you are looking for a more mature, but still based on open source, firewall please check out Astaro. Some day I will stop recommending them and start pushing Untangle, but not just yet.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Elliven View Post
    We are removing UT because it is always beta, with issues:

    You get 5.2 working well.
    BAM! 5.3 comes out and issues that overworked IT staff dont have the time to ass about with:
    e.g: Cant Email VPN clients to anyone because Emailing directly does not work and using our service provider is not an option because SMTP authentification is not an option. Hell it does not even seem to be on the to-do list!
    Then 5.4 and VPN goes to hell in a handbasket! This is NOT ON in a business with over 700 workstations spread over 4 branches with overworked IT staff.

    I know that automatic upgrades can be switched off, but do Blacklists and AV updates stiil come through if one does this?
    It may say somewhere but it does not in the GUI; Ill never know because Ill be too busy working my ass off and then Ill die! (probably of stress)

    I read somewhere that we (the company) could pay UT to nanny their creation for us but doubt that they (UT) will be able to convince the tight fisted bosses to go for this. If you think you can you better bloody well say so now! (Ill keep the page open and refreshed)

    Fact of the matter is IPCop does not have hundreds of niggley little (if taking down a WAN is little) teething problems every time an update comes out and I suggest UT follow their example if they wish to get into the market for larger, critical, networks.
    Honestly, you can get a seperate "mature" firewall and VPN endpoint by purchasing, say, a Cisco box. Then, you can have Untangle in bridge mode and let the Cisco device be the firewall. That is what I have.

    Also, seriously???

    You are a business and you DON'T have a support contract? Either you are failing as an IT person or the company is failing as a business or you are failing to explain to the company the importance of a support contract. Seriously, if you are running this in a business, you should have a support contract period. You are not paying Untangle to "nanny" your creation, you are paying for them to help you out of situations you can't help yourself out of. Remember, this is free software and when it comes to supporting it, you get what you pay for.

    This is actually a good community of people who will help you with your problems, but I still have questions in threads I have yet to receive an answer to. That is when having paid support comes into play.

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    Smile Unhappy? Try Endian Firewall

    If you're unhappy with Untangle then go try Endian Firewall, its stable and has a good feature set.

    I think it's unreasonable to be negative about Untangle if you 1) do not have a Untangle support contract, 2) are only using the open source and 3) do not contribute to the project (bug reports, money, code, beer).

    Let your feet do the talking

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