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    Default Web Filter Enhancement

    Inspiration never ceases to amaze me in the odd moments when it strikes...

    I was wanting to play a practical joke on my wife, by putting her IP address into the web filter and deny her internet access with a... shall we say creative reason.

    Then it hit me... Untangle doesn't let me do this! And I started thinking, I've always done this by putting a firewall rule in the firewall module to prevent a single internal client from seeing the web. But I was thinking how smooth it would be to be able to black list an internal address within the web filter itself. Then the user would get the untangle block page, with the associated reason. It would be a rather nice enforcement tool over and above the brute method of simply fire walling them off. The nice block page can supply a category and reason with just enough text to inform the user of what is going on. IMHO this would be far better than a simple page cannot be displayed error.
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    great great great idea, can't be that hard to implement either?!

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    Huh, I guess I didn't realize this either. I'll vote for it if you submit it to bugzilla.

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