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    Default requests? Suggestions?

    Untangle is amazing it is the best product and have been recommending it to others who are looking to move away for other costly solutions they are currently using the trial Commercial Add-ons and would like to know if these features could or will be added and where to find a list of upcoming features.

    have huge ip list, sites list and others to block would it be possible to put an import tab under Web Filter, spyware blocker, and others, to import the list and you can also put an upload button so we could also upload our list to untangle,

    can you put an option to download and use the blacklist from

    IM Inspector

    Could you also put an option in Intrusion Prevention for us to download ids rules from emergingthreats that would be great

    also could you guys put an option in pop3 to quarantine or block and send the quarantine or block to an external usb drive hard drive/storage drive

    other Commercial and Free Virus- Spyware- Trojan- Malware-Anti-Rootkit scanner beside clam av and kaspersky

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