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    Default international setup

    Hi folks,

    just as lord_alan has pointed out below, for international setup there is urgently support for other keyboard layouts needed:

    I gave untangle a try under vmware, which works fine except the problem with admin-password:

    I have to use a german keyboard layout. When setting up the admin password I use a strong password with chars, numbers and other special characters.

    This works fine as long as I try to connect to the untangle box via console. However, it fails, of course, when trying to login via remote access in an environment with correct keymap settings.

    Please give a setup where users can select alternative keyboard settings - this would give your very good product a chance in other countries.

    Thanks a lot and sorry for my somewhat poor english - I'm native german

    With regards


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    thanks i18n is on the roadmap.
    we're currently looking more in depth to see how hard it will be from top to bottom support.

    In the next version you'll also be able to install on an already-existing debian or ubuntu box which will allow you to customize your setup a bit.
    (Of course, the GUI will still be in Engrish)
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