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    Exclamation What is "Set up to four" ?

    I am new to the forum, and at my Untangle, when the client is launched, from time to time pops a window up headed with "Set up to four", showing 4 or six rows, like BLOCKEF PAGES, etc; and I can cancel or click OK.
    What is that for? What shall I do when it next pops up?
    Any advise welcome.

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    On the rack panels, to the right hand side of that is up to four lines of information. For my Phish Blocker, I only have 3 configured, which are Messages Passed, Messages Blocked and Messages Received (see attached Panel.jpg).

    The box that keeps popping up for you usually only appears when you left-click on this area, and it allows you to alter what information is shown there - although you are only allowed to have up to four stats at any one time (see attached Options.jpg).

    If you are not wanting to change what stats it shows you, all you need to do is just keep clicking 'Cancel'.

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