So I have been just hanging out, waiting for this feature. I think in the mean time I am going to add it myself now. My initial investigation has led me to believe that the best choice for adding this feature is to add HAProxy, LVS and Pound. The nice thing with this choice is that potentially it also adds features of load balancing services and potentially ISPs as well.

With all that said, why do I want this? The simple answer is that I do a ton of communication over secure layers. I would like to have the same filtering capabilities that I have with normal traffic. I am mainly looking at HTTPS, IMAPs, and SMTP over SSL.

I do not want to get off track with the post too much, but I really have a few things I would like to add to Untangle, and they all deal with traffic inspection. All of that considered, I guess the first step is understanding the traffic flow of modules as some of this will need to be in front of other things in the line of processing. Is there a current document, either from Untangle or from someone investigating this on their own, that explains how the traffic is passed from one module to the other?

If anyone has any help or suggestions, I would appreciate it. If it deals with a better proxy solution that might run better with Untangle or answers to the questions on traffic flow of Untangle, either would be great help!