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    Default Keyboard only install impossible--must use mouse

    Great product so far.

    Has anyone tried to install Untangle without a mouse? I don't think it can be done. Can you have your test crew try running through your installer without having a mouse plugged in?

    Most of the steps work until you get to 4. Hardware test. In my case, I got a warning confirmation and then pushed "Close". After that, I was unable to get to any buttons (Close, Previous, or Next), although I could see them just fine.

    Once I got to that point, I plugged in a USB mouse and proceeded. However, when I tried to do the same thing on virtually identical hardware for a second box, my USB mouse did not work. I had to dig up a PS/2 mouse to complete the install.

    Food for thought.

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    I hadn't thought of that.....
    Lucky you still had that PS2 mouse laying around. I think that's the kind of thing that needs to be in like 72 hour kits. Just in case you know. One never knows when it'll come in handy. lol.

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    Default Keyboard only/mouseless local operation?

    Actually, you can install without a mouse. On that hardware page you mentioned I think I was able to use CTRL-TAB to move from the top section to the buttons down below.

    HOWEVER, once the server rebooted and I cancelled out of the configure setup wizard, I could not get to any of the buttons on the bottom of the screen (shutdown, restart, terminal window, etc. etc.).

    Is there any way to admin the server locally w/out a mouse? If not, can it be made to do so?

    My installation of Ubuntu is on Hyper-V Server, and I can't use a mouse in Untangle through the Hyper-V manager because I haven't found an integration installer for least not yet...

    Is there anyway to get around on the main Untangle screen without a mouse???

    I know I could do remote, but my network isn't all config'd yet, so the Untangle box doesn't even have an IP set just yet, and I can't remotely connect to it.

    This is in version 5.3.

    Any help greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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    Smile How I installed Untangle on Ubuntu without a mouse

    I just installed Untangle on Ubuntu 8.04 Server Edition without a mouse by performing the installation steps as noted here.

    Follow these steps:
    1. Ubuntu, install the openssh-server package.
    2. On your Linux desktop connect to the Ubuntu/Untangle server using SSH as follows:
    ssh skinnychook@ -L 8080: -f "sleep 20"
    3. Open a browser on your Linux desktop to

    Instructions on how to launch the installation Wizard are from this post.


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