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    If you only have 5 boxes, and until the fix is here, just add noaccess.rat to each box. Simple, quick and FREE. Push it out through AD.

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    My point was no more or less than the specific piece of functionality requested is available in the product.

    Then we have a page of bleeding hearts about wanting more for free... the way I look at it the ability to control "groups" of computers is a "commercial" feature and is happily a "paid upgrade" I DON'T WANT IT FREE.

    It's called a SELL, the open source is the "trial version" of Untangle. They have to give you a reason to buy it. This specifically to me is one of those cases that was inserted by design.
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    Quote Originally Posted by sky-knight View Post
    This specifically to me is one of those cases that was inserted by design.
    If that's the case, then fair enough.

    But it should also be very clearly documented that this is the case, and how it works in both versions.

    That will allow people to find the answers they are looking for and make an informed decision as to whether there is a need to purchase something or not.

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