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    Lightbulb Howto create a firewall rule so that only my mail server is able to send out mail.

    Lately, we are getting more and more of this request. People want to only allow their mail server to send out mail and block everyone else.

    If you want to log this, I recommend using the firewall rules.
    Few things to consider...

    1) By default, the Untangle has the "no rack" policy for port 25 outbound. You will need to uncheck or delete this rule. I suggest unchecking it. Just in case you want to reuse it.
    (no longer needed on version 7.3 & up.)

    2) You will need to change the quarantinable addresses under, config, email, quarantine. The default is *, change it to * or individually list all your users email addresses.

    3) Now the firewall rules. The firewall rules work from top to bottom.
    Your top rule needs to be the pass rule. Should be something like this:

    Create the block rule like this:

    Please remember to put the pass rule on top of the block rule. Noticed that I did not check mark the log box on the pass rule. Its up to you. The block rule, the log box is checked because most people want to know.
    You can test to see if the rules are working or not by telnetting from the mail server and other users on the network. The mail server should be able to telnet out on port 25, and everyone should get blocked.
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    Great post gotkimchi. These forums are a GREAT resource to us untangle users and have amazing support from the untangle developers and administrators. Thank you.

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    I implemented the above and it works. I did not uncheck the NORACK rule for port 25 as I can't find it. Where is it located.
    Also - I assume step 2 is meant so that if a workstation does start sending spam - that Untangle doesn't create a quarantine for it. Is that correct? It may be a bit of work for this as my server accepts mail for 20 domain names and 1000 mailboxes. I guess its easier to enter the domain names.

    Please advise.



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    Hi Ron,

    If your installation is on a 7.3 or 7.4 iso there is no "no rack" rule.
    If there is one it is located under the "Default rack"->"Show Policy Manager" on the main screen (next to the "Parent Rack: None").

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    SMTP port 25 traffic should only be TCP shouldn't it, don't need UDP...
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    Yeah SMTP is a TCP protocol. Also, until Untangle gets rid of the outbound no rack policy for SMTP. All you need is the firewall block rule. Block, destination port 25, protocol TCP, source interface internal. Then edit the no rack policy to have a client IP address of your internal SMTP server.

    The firewall simply isn't consulted for the outgoing traffic because the traffic never sees the rack... you could do the same with a bypass rule. You're generally not wanting to filter outgoing traffic anyway so you may as well free your Untangle of the load of passing outbound SMTP through the UVM at all.
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    This maybe a bit off topic, but seems like emails with large attachments are blocked from coming in. I looked thru the forums, but did not really find any sound solution.
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    UT has no attachment limit. In fact the larger the attachment the more likely it is that UT will not even try to verify the message as spam with spamassassin.

    Larger attachments take more time for the virus blocker to scan. I have sent a 30-40 MB attachments through an UT router it will perform this.

    You are more likely to run into a connection inactivity timeout issue on the receiving server or more likely the message exceeds the set size limits type of error.

    Yes a little off topic.
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    The risk of post hijacking here, without creating self thread, is readingless, or less responses.
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    Greate post. I have 3 ADSL lines and i want to use one just for POP and SMTP. Could you help

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