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    Default Rule ID in the 2000's range

    Odd problem, thought it had to do with captive portal but I don't think it was related.

    My Firewall is showing rule ID's in the 2000 range. I installed 9.3.0x at the beginning of the week right before the new build was released (yesterday?) and was having some connectivity issues. I created a small set of basic rules (outgoing DNS and outgoing HTTP(S)). I enabled logging but nothing would show in the logs. The rule ID's for those rules were 1 and 2.

    I upgraded this morning when I was notified that an upgrade was available. After the upgrade, mysterisouly traffic began passing though Untangle, the firewall application started logging all traffic on rules set to "log", and the rule ID's all changed to the 2000 range.

    Is this a problem or "feature"? Since it is working should I let it go or am I going to have a problem if I upgrade in the future?

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    This is a known issue, bug 10530. It will not cause any problems. It's just not as clear which rule is listed on the event logs.
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