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    Question Only allow access from specific external devices


    I'm new to untangle , just got it up and running last night , I'm trying to block all incoming traffic through a specific port except for my mobile phone or work PC ( or specific devices ) . tried the Mac address but it doesn't work with my phone when it's on 3G .

    Any help with that ?

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    I think most people would setup a VPN for that use case... When you want to connect from the authorized devices, you connect via the VPN.

    You can't filter incoming traffic on MAC, as that information isn't available at packet creation time - as you already discovered. All that is available to filter on with incoming traffic is IP - which is going to change regularly when you are on the mobile network... That is true of all firewall/perimeter security devices.

    That is one of the big reasons why VPNs exist.

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    If your Untangle is set to NAT (router mode) all incoming traffic is blocked always.
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