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    Default firewall rules question about whitelisting

    I have instructions:

    The suggested method is to whitelist TCP connections to port 80, 443, and 10051 to *, port 443 to*, queue.*, and port 443 to the IP addresses in the table.

    I can see how you could whitelist an ip address but the rest of this confuses me when I look at the rule structure.
    What does this mean as far as firewall rules and what form would the rules have? Anyone have any suggestions or knowledge that can help? I tried looking at the rules and I am not getting it. Would this involve the webfilter and not the firewall?


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    The Untangle firewall module, is a sane firewall and as such will not accept DNS names. Firewalls that accept DNS names may as well not exist because it's trivial to poison the DNS cache and open a hole to anywhere.

    So if you want to do this, you're going to have to resolve ALL of the names in question, and input a monstrous list of ever changing IP addresses.

    Which is why we all abandoned the whitelist / blacklist approach ages ago. Untangle is a UTM, the firewall is handy but often useless.

    Untangle doesn't control egress traffic by default for this reason too... so I guess my question is, what isn't working?
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