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    Default FW Traffic Missing

    I am trying to create FW rules to only allow specific traffic from external users that connect through a VPN.VPN Connection and all work, however I am not able to see any of the traffic in the FW reports. What am I missing and How can I get this to work? Her is my setup.

    VPN Client (> Edge FW ( port 1194 --> to VPN Server( --> Internal Network (

    Outbound :
    Internal Client/Server--> Untangle Box ---> VPN Server( --> VPN Client (

    I had to create a route on the untangle box when I first set it up to route traffic through the VPN server. The route is:

    Network:, Next Hop:

    Thank you!

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    Provide to us a sketch of your network layout.

    The traffic you are looking for does not appear to pass through NGFW.

    One option might be to put the VPN server on a separate interface, (or VLAN) of NGFW.

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