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    Default one URL is getting blocked and I can't find out why...

    trying to get to a university website (, but getting the 'server not found' message in the web browser like its being blocked.
    Even when trying the actual ip address in browser I get the same result.

    I my clients are in the 'no block' policy with web filter app turned off, but the url added to the pass list where ever I could find a place to add it to not block it. The policy is not a child policy, but on its own so, but I added the same url to the other policy just in case something was causing inheritance.

    I also tested the domain in the PIHole query list function and it was not found on any block lists there.

    ***however, I set the resolvers from fully recursive back to just google and 5nine, then website was reachable....does that even make sense? *****

    Pinging from untangle ssh session has 100% packet loss.

    I also rebooted the untangle device and no luck after.

    How do I find out what is blocking it? I know the site is reachable because I can get there with my phone on cell network.

    Please let me know if there is a better forum for this. Kind of urgent for working from home.

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