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    Default How secure out the box and what not to change for a beginner


    I am thinking of going from transparent mode on untangle to full on firewall and router. I only use it at home so I am a little worried though not being a security expert and was wondering how secure in standard config is it and is there anything silly that I could do to open it up if I dont touch firewall rules or ports.

    very much a newbie here and always relied on pre built routers like my asus but its getting flaky and wanted to try this as the full front end.

    Spec of machine is not an issue as its an i7 9900k with 64G ram, was my old gaming machine hence silly spec


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    Out-of-the-box, a firewall is pretty safe, as nothing per default is allowed except inside-out traffic. Afterwards you can, depending on what license you have, enable additional traffic inspection modules and enable outside-in traffic if needed.

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    There is no change in security changing the configuration of a single interface.

    There is a change in context, but thanks to NAT by default all ingress in dropped unless you make a port forward rule to allow it. Egress security is still being addressed via the same modules that are working while it's in bridge mode, Web Filter, etc.

    So you should be more concerned with getting the router configured correctly, that's how you secure things. The primary source of security faults is configuration error, and you minimize this error by keeping things as default as possible.
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