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    Question Best practice for false-positive on region block rules?

    I have a region block for China, Russia, Iran, and North Korea and VR Chat is hitting a German IP that for some reason is triggering the region block.

    Aside from whitelisting IP addresses and/or certain port connections (which I'd prefer not to do) that are triggering false-positives, is there a way to report false-positives and/or a manual means to update or edit the ip->country mappings?

    Thanks in advance for any help!

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    Honestly, the best practice is to not use region blocks.

    Whitelisting is literally your only way to fix it, and yes... that process has issues. Region blocking as a process itself is inherently broken.

    This is why we have Treat Prevention, because it blocks specific addresses based on reputation. But even THAT has its own problems!
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