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Does the Quarantine Email contain Phish Blocker emails?

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  • Does the Quarantine Email contain Phish Blocker emails?

    I just enabled SPAM and Phish blocker for SMTP. I received my first Quarantine email and it looks like everything blocked by SPAM is in that email, but anything blocked by Phish Blocker is not included. I have 10 legit emails that were quarantined by the Phish Blocker. How do I get that email and how do I ensure they aren't blocked in the future? Thanks

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    did you page through all the emails? try sorting by score...
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      I can see them in the Phish Blocker and SPAM Blocker events, but they are not in the quarantine email that was sent or in the Quarantine tab under Config > Email. The SPAM Blocker events has a ton of mail with the "Action" Quarantine Message but the Phish Blocker passed everything except the 10 legit messages it Quarantined. I have no idea where those messages are or how to get them back. Some of them really important and they are all sent to separate users.


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        Is there anyway I can telnet into the Untangle box and release those messages manually?


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          Your "phish" messages should be listed in the online quarantine. Click on the link in your quarantine digest email to go to it. Then, sort by spam score to find them more easily.

          - Jason


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            I think I may have found what I was getting confused on. When I go into Phish Blocker settings -> Email Event Log -> SMTP Events, what information is that showing me?

            When I run the weekly report on Phish Blocker it has 10 events and all of those events should have been been blocked and all are listed under Phish Blocker settings -> Email Event Log -> Identify Theft Events.

            However when I look at SMTP Events there are a bunch of items that say they were quarantined, I assume by the Phish Blocker, but don't show up in the reports and most of them are legit mail. What is that SMTP Event log showing me?


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              This log appears to be a duplicate of the Spam Blocker log. Check the entries in this log and see what score was assigned to the messages.