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    Default OpenVPN installer open dialog

    I have been maintaining Untangle's OpenVPN Windows installer for a while and I now see a move in there process to build OpenVPN installers that will impact how untangle has and can use it.

    So to the thing.

    OpenVPN is moving away from NSIS to MSI do to some security reasons.

    They have also moved away from pushing openvpn\bin to the system variabel PATH.

    So what do we do?
    And what do we as users want?

    We uses Windows SCCM to install all applications so a MSI package for OpenVPN would be super nice but then again it will not include any Configuration so we will need to push the client key/cert etc some other way.

    I would love to have an open discussion here on what we as end users want and where Untangle Staff can put there view on it as well.

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    Sheesh, I just got OpenVPN working today. I even got Full Tunnel working. Since I'm really a complete novice, it took me all day. Now you tell me it's all going to change?

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    Worst case scenario is the installer you got from Untangle won't just configure the client for you. So you'll have to install the OpenVPN software, then get a .zip file from Untangle containing the configuration and you'll have to manually extract it into c:\program files\OpenVPN\conf

    It's honestly not that hard, but it's less automated than what we're all used to.
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