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    Default Not sure if this is correct forum...

    hello uters and seasons greetings.

    i have been running UT for 6+ mos now at a remote location, recently there seemed to be internet connection drops. The connection is through a cable modem (static IP addresses). From another location i setup SNMP on the Untangle, and ping to the "gateway" (cable modem)...I don't drop any packets to the Cable modem, but i do get a s spike in "load" from .1 up to around 8 for a minute average when the users notice the drop.

    The site:
    15mbps downstream cable modem x1mbps up

    3 users in the office, 1.5 intell 1gb of ram, 80gb hard drive, 2 nics, 100mb for outside link 1 gb for trusted lan. According to SNMP i'm not even close to networking limits (rarely get above 2mb to the internet)...however the Load is spiking up and the link is 'droping' out.

    I am running latest UT build (7.0), web filter is off, but all other modules are running (a/v, intrusion, firwall etc). I don't see anything funky in the event logs for any of the devices..

    Where should i be looking for the culprit of my issues? any advice would be great..please let me know if i missed something...

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    Ugh, Sucks no one has answered you.

    I had this problem with a client recently. It turned out that the connection outside on the pole was failing. ISP had to come round and replace it. Have you tried calling the ISP and having a line test done? How frequent are the drops? Any specific times of day, etc?

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