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Thread: Raid 5 Help!!!

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    Default Raid 5 Help!!!

    I have a Dell Poweredge 2500 in raid 5 it has 2 GB ram but untangle is only reading 512 MB. It also has 6 72 GB HDDs in Raid 5 and 2 18 GB Scisi drives untangle is trying to install to the 2 18 GB Scici drives but i want it to install to the 6 72 GB HDDs, it reads them as being one big hdd i want it to read them as separate HDDs in raid plz help.

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    Ok, first things first... do you have any other OSes on the server? Are you installing UT within a VM?
    You could just pull the drives from the server that you don't want UT to use.

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    what good does it do to make UT see separate disks?

    the idea behind a HARDWARE RAID is that it is presented to the OS as ONE DRIVE

    thats the way it is SUPPOSED to work.

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