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    Quote Originally Posted by dwasserman View Post
    The logic of the web gui is some bizarre for me, but it is possible to handle.
    And for the comparation with untangle, no way: different products, services and trade policies.
    The GUI is actually the first thing I liked about the product when I first began using them. It's just...I don't find their malware protection to be as effective as Untangle. Pretty much similar setup on the rest of the network compared to my clients behind Untangle....I set them up in my typical fashion. Because FG is considered a UTM product, I do consider comparing it to Untangle to be fair.

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    Yes, and Ferrari testarrosa and Crysler neon are both cars.
    Leaving aside the irony, of course we have different criteria, experience and expertise, but both chose Untangle to protect our networks.
    The world is divided into 10 kinds of people, who know binary and those not

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