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    Default intel gigabit Ct desktop adapter....any luck?

    Hi guys,

    i am trying to build an untangle box, i finally found a motherboard that works, im having a hard time getting this network card to load, do you guys have any recommendations? i have pci-e slots for a nic. thanks

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    Hi and welcome to the forums,

    What version of UT are you installing?

    There is definitely some history here on that card. Usually Intel NICs are "the only" choice but that one has a checkered past. A search of the hardware section using "intel ct" turns up these results

    There is plenty of reading to do but look at the third post down about the NIC not surviving reboot. Note the age of most of these posts and that they apply to older versions of UT. Good luck with that card.

    Depending on what you are trying to accomplish - learning or getting something up and running sooner - you may have better luck with a different Intel desktop card.
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    The drivers for that card are part of the Intel driver package UT updates. It "should" just work. If it doesn't I suspect you have a BIOS issue or other incompatibility. Multi-port cards often don't work in desktop grade PCI slots.
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