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    Default Reboot hangs at Checking root file system. . .


    I just installed Untangle on a brand new server. Although the
    system is running, whenever I click Reboot icon on the bottom,
    the system gets stuck at

    * Checking root file system. . .

    If I go into recovery boot mode, I see that the e2fsck ran
    without any issues.

    If I manually power cycle the system, it always boots up.
    But reboot - it's stuck - and leaving it overnight it still

    Thank you

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    My Untangle here does that intermittently, it will do it on the first boot after a cold start every time, I hit reset and it rolls right by.

    I think it's a compatibility issue with my SATA controller. For anyone that notices, yes I'm not using an NG on myself! This server predates those things, I bought one for Intouch to live on, but I ended up saving a client with it... SMB support EVERYTHING is for sale!
    Rob Sandling, BS:SWE, MCP
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