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    Default Broadband upgrade, is my system up to it ?

    I've been running Untangle for at least a couple of years on a Dell 1750 server (Pentium 4 3.2GHz & 1Gb RAM) for home use without any problems on a 8Mbit broadband connection. ($50 on EBay !)

    In a few weeks time I'm switching over to fiber broadband which should give around a 76Mbit connection (Hurray)..., so do you think my current tin is up to the job (supporting 3-5 internal users) ?

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    yeah, it'll probably be fine.

    throughput is easy, it really depends on the type of traffic, but with 3-4 users you probably won't be stressing it much.
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    I would check for power consumption and heat. I thing you can handle that traffic with an smaller and modern PC.

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    Speed is a function of interfaces, not CPU / RAM for the most part. If you've got cheap realtek junk in there, you'll likely run into a bandwidth wall somewhere between 10 and 20mbit. If you've got decent Intel interfaces in there, you'll just move along for the ride.

    Also, the realtek "may" work. They do work well in some cases. Just be aware you may need to replace your NICs if you don't get the performance you want.
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