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    I need to add one point here. I have to say that Untangle is far far the most user friendly UTM I have ever seen and ever configured/managed. Really, there is almost no need to google for settings, it's just so self explanatory. Also the Reports feature is so great, especially for the Suits and managers, they love the piecharts so much
    But we need to realize, that Untangle as a firmware is still in early development AND the hardware specs of the Linksys router are not too great compared to a real server with multicore Intel CPU(s). Nor it is developed with support for various WiFi chipsets.
    My personal opinion on untangle is, that it really shines in small or big companies, where the management and configuration could be possibly done by an average Administrator, that might have never seen Untangle before, but will be able to manage it very easily as it is so user friendly.
    Nevertheless, I absolutely disagree about what was said here, that this is a garbage. It's exact opposite.
    I have been running Untangle in an organization of cca 500 computers for almost 3 years without reboot and without any struggle.
    (Updates dose not count as reboots )
    That alone might tell how really great it is
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    Lightbulb wget

    As a very potential HomePro user, that just tested this UTM for the first time, I think that Untangle does a fantastic job with visualisation. In this case visualising what happens with your network. Before testing, I fantasized about creating a map that visualises network traffic, just like the Map Distribution. In general the whole UI, and particularly the dashboard, has a scent of very well IT-craftsmanship.

    I picked Untangle after finding it on the List of router and firewall distributions as the only Debian based. Debian being the Linux distro I am most familiar with, since I've tinkered a lot with Raspberry Pi/Raspbian. Debian/Ubuntu is after all on the top 10 list and has tons of tutorials, Q&A-sites etc. And I would like to run a few custom services on my router.

    For me there is just this one huge caveat; the lack of IGMP forwarding for IPTV. If Untangle will not support this in the near future, I believe it to be the greatest suppressor for Untangles expansion. After all IPTV is already wide spread and increasing, just look at the markets, both residential and commercial/corporate. I've tested to build both igmpproxy and smcroute, but so far been unsuccessful.
    I will add a third generation before Untangle is a real slam dunk: multicast-router.

    Thus, I for now, divert to another firmware.
    And guys, to me it makes no sense to use WinSCP, TFTP or whatever other means of transferring files, when wget exists.
    Using other things than wget for downloading firmware is just another obstacle for the user.

    Enable SSH, connect with PuTTY and login (as root):
    #!/usr/bin/env bash
    # 1. change directory to /tmp
    cd /tmp
    # 2. download new firmware, in this case LEDE (
    # 3. move (rename) to foobar.trx
    mv lede-17.01.4-mvebu-linksys-wrt1900acs-squashfs-factory.img foobar.trx
    # 4. verify checksum 
    sha256sum foobar.trx
    # f7f82991850f219d7e2eb680fd9c466465cc9f7515fa89152928ae0759e6113d  foobar.trx
    # 5. Copy foobar.trx to /dev/mtdblock4 with block size 1M (Mega) bytes
    dd if=foobar.trx of=/dev/mtdblock4 bs=1M
    # 6. Copy foobar.trx to /dev/mtdblock6
    dd if=foobar.trx of=/dev/mtdblock6 bs=1M
    # 7. Remove USB drive (with Untangle image) from Linksys
    # 8. Power off, wait a minute and power on
    # 9. After your device has finished flashing and rebooting, check if you can access the LEDE web admin GUI of LEDE on LEDE's default IP address:
    # run this whole script with one single command:
    # bash -c "$(wget -O - | sed 's/\r$//')"
    Merry X-mas
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