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    Question Ethernet to USB adapter

    Hi there.

    I apologies in advance if this question was already discussed here. I found a thread (, but I did not give me a clear answer on the questions I have.

    I am running 32bit version of Untangle 12.2.1 on my old netbook and very satisfied with overall stability and performance. 7-year old small computer works like a beast with Untangle. It works faster than my 250$ bucks router from LinkSys. However, I want to enable 802.11a and need to either connect USB 802.11ac Wi Fi adapter or use my existing router as an access point.


    1. Can anyone recommend a USB to Ethernet adapter which works out of box with Untangle? Or at least where the kernel module can be easily compiled without issues.
    2. Can anyone recommend USB 802.11ac Wi Fi adapter which works out of box or which can be easily setup for Untangle?

    P.S. I tried to compile module for Edimax EW-7822UAC which I recently bought, however modprob fails. The kernel module was successfully compiled, but can't be loaded due to multiple error messages.

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    Please don't do USB to Ethernet... please...

    There are some that "work" but the performance is terrible.
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