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Suggesting that Untangle is too difficult to understand, but then recommending a Ubiquiti product instead?

Umm... That's... well the only word I have is insane. I love Ubiquiti products, but "easy" is not a word you can use to describe them. It can be used to describe Untangle, but as has been very rightly pointed out this process in and of itself isn't easy.

Thashen4, if you want suggestions I'm afraid you're going to need to be much more specific. If you don't know how a network operates, you're best to stick with store bought SOHO junk like Belkin/Linksys/Netgear. If you want to protect things beyond that just make sure you've got working AV, Defender is built into Windows 10 and it's sufficient.

Do you want content control?
Do you want a VPN to connect to your house?
Do you need a VPN to connect to work?

What do you need this for? Because if you're here simply because the news said something scary, and you're not in it to learn you're probably going to spend a ton of money for no benefit and end up rather frustrated.
So true, and if people think Untangle is hard to install and get working then they shoulden't be doing computer's or Networking... IMO!