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    Default Untangle homepro Virtualised

    Hi all,

    New to the forum but not to Untangle. I have used it in a couple of my schools and I loved it, so would like to install at my home.
    I want a all in one setup that has AV, adblocker, spam filter, web filter for kids (filter per device) and is easy to use. I have a media PC that has nothing special running on it, but was reluctant to have another PC running as well due to electric costs. So wanted to setup a VM on the machine for Untangle.

    The machine is:

    I am just about to put in 8GB RAM and can get a couple of NICs. If this machine is not good enough even with the 8GB can replace.
    Is the machine good enough to use without any performance issues?

    I have a 30/10 fibre connection and will have 5 of us using seperate devices, mainly for web browsing, movie streaming with netflix etc. My wife and kids like light gaming like slithero, Elvenar etc.

    Any advice would be appreciated.

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    I would not use windows 10 for virtualizing, In my personal opinion I want my firewall a standalone but if you wish it virtualized then use a server OS
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    Think about upgrading the hardware and using Proxmox. You would be able to test whatever you wanted too.

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    I got my homepro virtualized in Hyper-V just assigned 2 vCPU's and 4GB of ram and a virtual disk of 60GB, running like a charm and just going to upgrade the disk image to an SSD. My ISP speed is 300/300 connection.

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    Only do this if you're willing to let a large transfer to your media PC take down your internet.

    Adding Untangle to a network means internet access now also requires disk I/O resources for sessions to be processed. If Untangle is also virtualized, suddenly both the network bandwidth and disk I/O are shared with whatever other services are running on the host. Anything on the host that can exhaust those resource can also choke out your internet connection. Thus even a single file transfer of a reasonable size either to or from your media PC could end up maxing out either resource in bursts, leaving you with a choppy, laggy internet.

    People who are most successful virtualizing Untangle are people with experience managing virtual systems, and they do it on systems with very fast disks where they can also dedicate specific network cards to the Untangle VM.
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