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    Default I have a spare PC thinking of testing Untangle.

    I have a spare pc and want to test Untangle. I am currently using Pfsense 2.4.4 and it works well. I am considering to use Untangle as a second option for home use with 40+ devices.

    These are the following specs.

    Motherboard = Asrock J3455B ITX (Apollo lake) Current bios is 1.30

    8 GB DDR3 sodimm ram

    Intel 320 SSD

    Intel i340 T4 network card.

    16 port Unifi POE switch

    7 Ubiquiti AC pro

    Unifi Cloud key

    Modem is a fiber optic in bridge mode 200/200.

    I am currently using Expressvpn (openvpn client) on selected devices particularly streaming devices for geolocation unblocking.

    I am using several packages such as Suricata inline mode, Pfblockerng in Pfsense.

    I want to get some opinions if switching my spare pc to Untangle would work on my current network.

    I am thinking of using Untangle Home pro.
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    I can see no reason why that wouldn't work, save perhaps PCI bus limits.
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