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    Default HP T620 + Thin Client FW

    i am finding myself coming back to Untangle every time i try something else. I want to tell untangle keep up the good work as i have tried OPNSense and Sophos XG Home. I do leverage a pair PIHole's for ad blocking, these are load balanced across KEMP free load balancer. (why not?)

    This time i am building a Untangle box on a HP thin client, the thin client is a HP T620 + device.
    I am running the quad core AMD GX 420 CA and bumped up the memory from 4 gig to 8 gig.
    I left the 64 gig flash drive for loading the OS, i removed the fiber card and disabled the fast ethernet port in the bios.
    I added a quad port gigabit low profile NIC.

    I do pay for the $50 home subscription and plan in running most of the features except IDS.
    Internet 500/50 DHCP IP
    Port 1 WAN
    Port 2 Lan
    Port 3 WIFI
    Port 4 streaming TV's

    I will probably end up enabling the FE built in port for my streaming TV's and use the gigabit port for my lab.

    I got the idea from here is anyone wants to read it.
    Kemp load Master Free version

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    Welcome back!
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