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    Question Laptop, how to close physical screen without hibernate?

    Hello Community,

    I'm running home version on a HP laptop. All is fine, expect that point -->

    How to close the laptop screen without the system going into hibernate mode.

    I looked on BIOS, but nothing found.

    My slogan : Energy saved, screen preserved, dimmed light in the room.

    Any clue is welcome. Thank you.

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    Usually there’s a power feature to both stop hibernation and not power down once the screens closed. I do that for my laptop when I dock it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 0liv View Post
    Hello Community,
    Hello to you, and welcome to the Untangle forums.

    I've spent very little time with an LXDE desktop (the desktop software Untangle uses on the local console) on standard setups let alone on Untangle, so I don't know what the desktop power management options are (what Loudog2 is referring to, I think). You may be able to find information at the LXDE site.

    Worst case scenario is having to do power management at the command line. That's worst case because fiddling around with things at the command line is an Untangle no-no. Home users are very limited when it comes to support so maybe that's not an obstacle. The timid among us (or maybe it's just me ) just stay away from the command line for any configuration stuff.

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    The easy answer? You don't...

    Untangle doesn't have the software to configure laptop power management features because it's not designed to run on a laptop.

    Honestly, I'm surprised you got it to work at all, because USB network adapters are also not supported, so have fun with your system turning into a brick with v15.1, because it most likely will.
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    First, thanks to Sam who gave me the easy way to fixe my issue. By simply editing /etc/systemd/logind.conf

    If you just want to prevent suspending when the lid is closed you can set the following options in /etc/systemd/logind.conf:


    Then run systemctl restart systemd-logind.service or reboot.
    It works like a charme.

    I do not use USB at all and also disabled internal wifi card. I know you're right about what you wrote.
    I'm using only PCMCIA network adapter and it's fine.
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    Glad you got it going. It could help others if you documented a few things like.
    make and model of laptop
    processor and memory
    pcmpcia card
    32 or 64 bit install
    connection speed advertized and does it meet that
    anything else that may be pertinent

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