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    Default Cannot open/forward L2TP ports on router

    Hello, this is for an Untangle Router on a single subnet.(not bridged) I am having trouble with port-forwarding/opening UDP 1701 to my Windows Server 2019 setup with Routing and remote access. I am able to get port 1723 forwarded/opened no problem but some employees who work from home have routers that do not support the GRE protocol. I have also tried bypassing requests to port 1701.

    I am able to connect a windows 10 workstation to the VPN Server Internally but i cannot access the server remotely even with port forwarding enabled. every port checker site i test the external IP Address on still lists port 1701 as closed.

    full disclosure, i am not using the IPSEC App on untangle, i just want my router to "passthru" L2TP to my windows server.

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    Those users at home with broken GRE support are SOL when it comes to L2TP. You can't fix that, they have to update or replace their equipment.

    I suggest you abandon that ancient protocol, and deploy OpenVPN. If you need a means to access the machines remotely, don't forget Windows 10 has the Quick Assist app built in now. I've been using the daylights out of it to setup OpenVPN users for the last month.

    If you're going to use Windows Server to host a VPN, get a real certificate and swap over to SSTP, that runs on TCP443 and is INFINITELY better. L2TP and PPTP are old busted and annoying protocols, use them at your own peril and frustration.
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