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    "Reasonable skeptic" I take that as a compliment, thank you.

    And my dubiousness of appliances is limited to the Z4 specifically here. I find it very unlikely, given the price point of the Z4 and the price point of Qotom box of a similar specs, that it's anything but Qotom with Untangle written on it. What I find very likely is that it's a Qotom that Untangle has spent time doing a full optimization for to make it run perfectly all the time. I just can't see the value in any other scenario, if it's fully custom they'd be losing their shirt on every box they sell at $300.

    Or maybe Untangle went to Qotom with specs they needed, but Qotom reserved the right to sell it direct to offset the development costs. That seems possible to me because most of Qotom's other boards feature Realtek NICs, but this one specs nicer Intel NICs. That scenario makes it possible that the board is both custom and not at the same time.

    Everything Z6 and up being custom makes complete sense to me.

    I also fully acknowledge that I could just be wrong here, and that they're just taking a bath on the appliance sales and making it up in subscription fees.
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    Thanks for your responses to my query Jim, gedavids, sky-knight, donhwyo. I've found the inputs and discussion to be informative and valuable. I have tried Untangle on several different systems and it has run well on all of them. I'm not planning to buy a z4 but was curious about what processor it has. I can understand and respect that Untangle and some other other appliance vendors prefer not to declare what processors are in the hardware that they sell.
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