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    Default Struggling with CPU

    Hi all,

    Hopefully some experts here can help me. We have a number (approx 20) Untangle devices out on sites, supporting between 25 - 200 devices.

    In recent times (the last year or so) we've been exclusively using Untangle appliances, which work well.
    The older systems we have are all built on HP Gen 8 Microservers, most of them running Celeron G1610T processors:

    Server: custom
    CPU Count: 2
    CPU Type: Intel(R) Celeron(R) CPU G1610T @ 2.30GHz
    Architecture: amd64
    Memory: 4 GB
    Disk: 933.75 GB

    We're hitting random issues on some sites with high CPU alerts - and the high is *high* (load average of over 40) - here's an example:
    The current system state is: [ Load (1-minute): 67.56, Load (5-minute): 17.75, Load (15-minute): 6.23, Memory Free: 1538MB, Disk Free: 901695MB, Swap Used: 1070MB ]

    Event Details:
    active hosts = 15
    cpu system = 0.08665106
    cpu user = 0.1381733
    disk free = 880G
    disk free percent = 97%
    disk total = 905G
    disk used = 24G
    disk used percent = 3%
    load1 = 67
    load15 = 6
    load5 = 17
    mem buffers = 0
    mem cache = 41M
    mem free = 1G
    mem free percent = 39%
    mem total = 3G
    mem used = 2G
    mem used percent = 61%
    swap free = 10G
    swap free percent = 91%
    swap total = 11G
    swap used = 1G
    swap used percent = 9%
    time stamp = 2020-08-04 14:03:55.279
    I have no idea what causes this - and I have one host with the same hardware which whenever I access it takes a good 2-3 minutes just to draw all the dashboard widgets (and shows CPU of 10+ on the VU meter style gauge)

    Any thoughts on what I should change/check?
    The boxes are running full paid UT and tend to have all the major modules running (Web filter, virus, reporting, bandwidth control, etc)

    I thought maybe these are DDOS style attacks - but also thought shield should take care of that?



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    I would open a support ticket since you have support. These types of issues are very difficult to diagnose without directly access to the box.
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    volunteers and community members like yourself.
    If you need Untangle support please call or email

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