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    Default Should I increase RAM or is this something else?

    I also received a "Swap usage is high" notification at around 2:22 AM. First time getting that notif. This is a new v15.1 install from around a month ago.

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    Hi, take a look at this guide:
    NG Firewall Performance Guide

    This guide has details of how to tune NG Firewall and gives details of what apps and features require more vs less memory/CPU and disk space, along with other things that you can take a look at specific to what you are running on your network.
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    For modern hardware, CPU/Memory seems high. My untangle home router is a 12yr old thinkpad laptop 2.2Ghz CPU and 4GB of ram, and never goes up to 40% on average.

    Only thing i can think of is someone have access to your router and doing crypto mining. Those spikes memory and cpu. My rookie mistake by enabling ssh with weak password and opening it to the public internet on my untangle router.

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    On the flip side ... an 8GB stick of RAM these days floats around $30 USD from the premium websites. You can probably get it cheaper.

    Maybe you have an old laptop/desktop that has some memory that you can cannibalize? I actually did the reverse. When I build my minipc I got 8GB. One of my kids laptops had 4GB of RAM; however, for school was slower than a slug uphill at noon on a summer day with the wind against them on black pavement. The memory between the two were the same, so I swapped them. That breathed a much needed second life to that laptop. Did not impact Untangle at all. When the laptop finally gave up the ghost, I put the 8GB of RAM back. I am a home user. I float around 2-2.5 GB of RAM for the apps that I have running.
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    Untangle 16.1.1 (Build: 20201028T105733) (Kernel: 4.19.0-11-untangle-amd64)
    1.6-2.7 GHz Intel I5 5250U, 128GB SSD mSATA, 8GB RAM DDR3L, 4xRJ-45 Intel I211AT 10/100/1000 Controller

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