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    Default z4 box power consumption?

    Anyone with a z4, could you share what the power consumption is of the box? It would be great to know its idle power consumption and also how much power it uses under heavy load.

    For those who are interested, the easy way to measure power of a 110v AC device is with the "Kill A Watt" meter which you can get cheaply online.

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    Spec sheet from source manufacturer says max 10W on the CPU, given that device is basically just the CPU in terms of power load that's going to be pretty close to the actual limit.

    Here's where things get fun though... a 60w equivalent LED light bulb consumes about 9w of power. So this device under most conditions is going to be very close to the consumption of simply leaving a single LED light on 24/7, but that's only if the CPU is at 100%.

    Sadly these companies don't ever tell us what idle means...
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    Thanks very much. It was very helpful.

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