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Thread: Intel X520-DA2

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    I purchased a DFI DT122-BE machine and put 8GB of RAM in it and a 256GB SSD. I also purchased a Intel X520-DA2 dual port SFP/SFP+ NIC for the unit (1G for WAN uplink and a 10G SFP+ module for my lan uplink to my switch). I have run through the installer but the Untangle Setup Wizard is only seeing the 2 onboard NIC's. I have a second unit that is having the same issue (identical hardware, as I was going to setup an HA cluster). I know the card is supported in PFSense/OPNSense, but those are also BSD-based and not Debian-based like Untangle is (I believe).

    From reading I believe intel NICs are not officially supported but is there anybody out there running the same NIC and if so what special sauce did you have to apply to get them up and running? The lights on the NIC light up, so I know the card is getting power. I haven't tried plugging the copper port SFP into my switch yet, but since the system isn't seeing it it won't do me any good.

    Thank you in advance!

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    Running on the same NIC and everything is ok

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