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If these are supported by esxi or another Hypervisor, you could always let the hypervisor deal with the driver and install Untangle on top of it?
That is a valid approach! Especially if you're going for Dell or HP branded platforms. It has some downsides... obviously the hypervisor consumes resources, so you need a bit larger of a system. But the biggest hurdle is the physical to virtual networking. There are realities in there that open doors to possibilities people just aren't ready for, and worse the visibility into issues in that space is virtually nonexistent.

So while I can say emphatically that Untangle makes an amazing VM, and that's a doorway through which tremendous power can be accessed... I will also say it's not "supported", because well... Saying there's enough rope there to hang yourself is true but also colossal understatement! So if you're familiar with all the relevant technologies, success of deployment is assured. If you're not, your ignorance will display itself in network wide downtime that can get VERY expensive!

But yes! If you have a Dell or HP under warranty, they support VMWare... you can install VMWare on it and use Untangle as VM which is also supported by Untangle. So in theory you have supported hardware, and separately supported software. The dragon lives between the two sadly... so beware!