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    Default Untangle and Gigabit Pro Service

    Been running untangle for 1 now year love how much control I have of my network and how easy Untangle is to setup and maintain. Helps me keep my kids honest on the internet, control when they can be on the internet and keeps my network safe. I am using Untangle on an pc I built with an i9-9900K, X520-T2, 128GB NVME and 16GB of Ram (yes its overkill but I love doing overkill)with the Xfinity 1Gbps service never had a downtime and my speeds where always as advertised. In December 2020 I made a decision that I needed faster upload speeds the 40Mbps just did not cut it so found that Comcast offers Gigabit Pro which is a 2Gbps down/up Fiber service decided to give it a shot and contacted Comcast to see if my house was in range for the service found it was and it took them 3 months to build out. They just activated the service last week when they came out they installed a Juniper switch they activate 2 ports 1 SFP+ port for the the 2Gb service and 1 Ethernet port for 1Gb service and also gave me a Netgear R8000 router to connect to the Ethernet port which I did not have them install but they have to give it to me because its part of the service. I upgraded my Router with X710-DA2 card and used 2 DACs to go from the router to Juniper and Router to my Netgear XS708E. Untangle handles this service perfectly just want give kudos to the dev team they make outstanding product.

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    Yeah the Intel 10gbit fiber stuff is well supported.

    It's the 2.5g and 5g stuff that really isn't, and that's not Untangle's fault that's Debian.

    But as you probably noticed when you were looking up that X710-DA2, the price really isn't that much more to skip over that BS and go straight to 10gbit.

    Also, good job sticking with fiber SFP+ based stuff, DAC cables are the only copper connectors worth using in this space. Otherwise, fiber is the way to go.
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