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    Question 10gbe for Dell R210ii

    First I am a new home user that just switched from a Unifi Dream Machine. I was having issues with the UDMP and went to Pfsense and although those issues went away it took me forever to figure stuff out. I moved from Pfsense to Untangle last week and I think I am in love. I don't love the Home Premium price but Im going to pay it anyway because its so good.

    Currently I have Spectrum gigabit and a CM2000. With the UDMP I used SFP+ to take advantage of Spectrums over provisioning and was able to get 1150mbps which I was able to leverage with my 10gb switches and 10gb mac mini. So with that being said I want to get that back.

    Can anyone recommend a 10gb card that will work in my Dell R210 ii that has a good track record with untangle and can be had below $200? I am very open to used cards from reputable sellers on eBay.

    Second question is how big of a pain to swap the card? As far as untangle goes? Is this easily possible to should a restore happen and start from scratch?

    Router Specs
    Dell R210ii
    NIC Intel i350
    CPU Intel E31280v2
    Ram 8gb

    Apps used
    Web Filter, Wire Guard, Application Control, Threat Prevention, Intrusion Prevention, Virus Blocker

    Thanks for any advice.

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    And this is where you're going to have fits...

    You can get an Intel 10gbit SFP+ card easily enough, and it's going to "just work" because the driver hasn't changed in years.

    BUT... and everyone has one...

    The stuff you're talking about utilizes a 2.5gb port on the cable modem. 2.5gb and 5gb standards aren't that old, and many interfaces have a hard time with them. These standards were just starting to get stable before the pandemic... which has obliterated product availability in this space.

    So you can get 10gbit stuff easily, but it doesn't always have the ability to step down to the two new 2.5gb and 5gb levels.

    Now... all that being said... I have been looking into this myself for a new line of appliances I'm putting together. I have not tested any of this... so don't say I didn't warn you!

    Intel says their IXGBE driver supports NVM as of version 4.3.9. Current Untangle is using IXGBE version 5.1.0.

    Which would seem to indicate the Intel X550-T1 and X550-T2 adapters which are COPPER 10gbit cards, when configured to operate at 10gbit will automatically negotiate down to 2.5 or 5gbit speeds with Untangle.

    Note, I have not seen any SFP+ cards with copper inserts work at any speeds other than 1gbit and 10gbit. And I don't mean with Untangle... I mean PERIOD. Again, this is a crazy new space where the market came up with these odd half standards instead of just jumping to 10bit... which I can't understand because the extra cost to just go straight to 10 is minimal...

    So the people making these 2.5 and 5 cards are literally just milking the market for upgrades now and later. And I've already had issues with the cable modems with the 2.5 port in them, I always have to swap out with a modem that only has the 1gbit port and give up on the over provisioning.
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