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    Default New 1U Supermicro Appliance Build

    I just built this little Supermicro 1U NG Firewall appliance and Im really liking it so far. Nice and fast and has lots of options like Intel Dual 1GB NICs. Intel DUAL SFP+ NICs, M.2 and IPMI.

    I picked up a Supermicro X10SDV-2C-TP4F motherboard for cheap ($200), put it in this Supermicro CSE-505-203B case I had on the shelf with front facing ports (I like it when my 1U appliances have front facing ports). Put some Micron 16GB DDR4 ECC ram and a Samsung 980 Pro 256GB M.2 NVME drive in it...

    Just installed the latest distro and shes up and running. 10GB SFP+ link to my Aruba 48port POE Switch using a DAC and everything is up and running. Not bad for a fast little cheap box with SFP+...

    I through a Intel PRO 1000/PT Quad port NIC in it and it does not recognize it... I tried these NICs in a few other appliances I have and NG firewall doesnt recoqnize the card in any of them. Super annoying, I guess NGFW doesnt recognize all intel cards.... I just ordered a Intel i350-T4 1GbE 4-Port Server Ethernet NIC so hopefully it recognizes that card....

    Not bad for a sub $500 all in appliance that punches way above its price!!

    Just waiting on another fan tray and some 40mm fans and the correct matching faceplace for this board/case...

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