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    Default HP DL320 G5p Success!

    I just wanted to let those know who are interested that we installed untangle on a HP DL320 G5p yesterday without issue. Installation was smooth and the performance is amazing.

    Quad-Core Xeon X3210 / 2.13 GHz.
    2 GB Memory.
    2 SATA 160GB drives.
    Dual NICs.
    Rack Mount Chassis and it comes with rails.

    The HP Part# 445435-005. It's the Smart Buy.
    We added 4-hour on-site service - 24-hour x7 day coverage.
    We added a power cord.

    The total came out to be just about $1,500.

    • It comes with two built-in NICs. They work great.
    • It comes with two SATA drives. The onboard controller does do RAID, but isn't supported under linux in a Raid configuration. We just configured each drive as simple volumes (two separate drives).
    • Smart Start will not work for this built-in controller - so all you need to-do is configure the drives and then pop in the Untangle install CD.
    • Network Interface 1 is the External interface by default.

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    far182, thanks a lot for the information on the system that worked for you. We have used it as a reference for people looking for similar specs.


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    Curious if anyone has had success with the RAID on latest versions of UT. Hoping to move a clients Untangle install to one of these that they now have freed up (was a terminal server...that has now been put on ESXi).

    Installed the HPs BIOS setup the pair of 160 gig SATA drives are shown as a RAID 1 volume...but UT still sees them as just a pair of 160 drives. I believe the RAID controller is just the onboard Intel based SATA RAID controller.

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    Yeah, its just a fake-raid sadly.

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    YeOldeStonecat, look at the documentation for your server at HP's website. HP is really good about keeping their directions and specs for their servers. It helped me immensely setting up my DL380 G2.
    For the most part HP's rack mount servers do include hardware raid with them. I'm not too sure about their newest servers though.

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